Taking back our kitchens has been a difficult thing at best.  We want what we want, but “they” tell us this or that is bad to eat, only to retract the statement decades later. Facing years of avoiding nutritional goodness, we have to make decisions for our families.  There are basics to follow when it comes to nutritional value, and there are also complexities.  A recent fad is the Paleo Diet, in which you eat the basic food groups in the amounts that your body was designed to consume them.  Skipping all of the complexities of modern diet plans and numbers associated with things that end in glycorides or have the word complex in them.  Much has been written about the Paleo Diet and much more will be written.  However, with the basics in mind, this seems to be the path we all want to know more about.  Why do we have to complicate things?  It is our nature to do so, and often enough, it is useful.  But really, let’s take a look around, some spend way too much time at the gym and others too much time worrying about the content of their food.  Most of our diets are developed because we have to counteract the garbage that is added to our foods to preserve for shipping and storage, and others because of the nature of the products that are fed to the animals that produce what we eat.  Let’s get back to basics and natural ingredients.