Tivo acts like Chromecast

After setting up a second Chromecast Unit today, we discovered that the Youtube player in our Chrome browser was able to see our Tivo units that are on the same network.  This is an awesome discovery!  I wonder, though, is this a sign of things to come?  Will Tivo become a screenshare device similar to Chromecast?  I should hope so!  This could revolutionise the usefulness of the Tivo and the idea of making a plain old TV a smart device.  Further testing of playback from other devices will be performed.  Phones and tablets with the youtube app may already have this functionality, but I see a pathway for Google and Tivo, teaming up to turn these devices into the smart devices that they already are.  Teach an old dog new tricks! I think so!

credit: Youtube – Live Hummingbird Cam