When I was little, I use to love going to the hobby, store, seeing all the trains set up and running, and looking at all the cool and exciting stuff I could ask Santa for that year.

So with all my memories in hand my husband and I took a trip to a hobby shop and were disappointed that it was not as we remembered as kids. It was actually more like a large craft store, or Michael’s store so while the store was enjoyable, and clean and fun to walk thru, and we did spend money there..It just was not what we were expecting.

On our ride home my husband and I discussed the changes in time, and what kids today in our opinion are missing out on. Thou, I doubt you would get a kid to agree. Children today have more technology at their disposal then we ever thought possible, and while growth and technology are unstoppable, things getting left in the dust are surly going to be missed. I know kids today have so much stimulation they have a hard time just settling down, and getting them off devices can for some parents seem downright impossible.

We went to the store to look at getting some items and idea’s for our train set, that we are expanding on and want to have set up for the holidays. Something, I have wanted to do and we are just now able to have time to do. We purchased some of our items on eBay, and got some old train tacks, and locomotives, but wanted to add to our array. Maybe, my generation is to blame, getting everything off eBay at better prices, how can a store of brick and mortar, continue to do business if people are getting what they want online, shop at home at your own convenience. Did we put hobby shops out of business?

What I do know is I sure miss walking into a true hobby shop and see the train set ups, the boat set ups, even the RC cars and planes…to be able to ask questions to someone who knew the answers and could help you fix your problems.

Sure wish we could go back in time and save some of our traditions, like walking into a ole’ fashion hobby store, and getting excited about what we were going to see..