Thursday morning, June 6th, 2013 6;30 am the last day of school for kids, I was lying in bed listening to the storm outside, it had been raining alot this morning, and the water hitting the metal roof outside my window was particularly loud..but nothing compared to the sound I was about to hear.. My husband and I both felt and noticed the change. The sound, the wind, the ears popping, and yes like the sound of a train, not the horn, but the chugging in want of a better word..I ran to get my daughter out of bed heading to the only room I could remember in my foggy brain the bathroom. By the time I got her up and into the bathroom(which was upstairs, I could of never made it to the downstairs bathroom in time), my husband did not even get there to join us and it was over..that quickly it left as fast as it came..Still pouring I looked outside my windows and doors, and was rewarded with a mess around the house and in my yard down trees, porch thrown to one side, hanging plants gone…as I grumbled about all the clean up I had to do, I ventured outside and came full force to what was really important.

The tornado went thru a path on the other side of my neighbors house, you can see the path of destruction left in its wake..holes in roofs, walls falling in, trees snapped like twigs..I quit complaining about my mess when I saw their homes…the next few hours and days, this street like a few more in my neighborhood, became the place to be, at one time we had 3 news crews on the street. the red cross was here the same day offering water and sandwiches and help.. The wea
My neighbors (next door and across the street) will be out of their home for 6 months or so, how blessed am I that I only have some minor repairs, mostly cosmetic, so roof repair as well…Feeling blessed for being spared…ther channel, Fema, and of course we saw trucks and trucks of handy men driving down the street hoping to get some work, also lots of people wanting to be your adjuster where they get 10-15% of your insurance money to fix all your issues each one assuring you that they are the good guys they are only here to help(who do you believe) was most annoying…as we are trying to just get picked up and cleaned up and back to some sort of normal..

Follow up– Roofer guy was here and up on our roof (which is 2 story) we have some fascia damage, a few shingles gone, it lloks like something hit the roof, also our ridge vent needs repaired, that just the roof, I also have to get the siding guy out here, we lost our privacy fence, and drainage pipes alone the house are gone…

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