I myself find that I am having a hard time holding on to my home and after reading the following paragraph in today’s news:

“A total of 739,714 foreclosure filings were recorded during that three-month period, up 14% from the first quarter, and 121% from the same period in 2007. That means that one of every 171 U.S. households received a filing, which include notices of default, auction sale notices and bank repossessions.”-cnnmoney.com

After reading the article about people losing their homes to bankruptcy I then go and read about how much money the film the Dark Knight has brought in, as of now its over 200 million, I wonder about if that seems fair, people are losing their homes and somehow there is money out there that brings a film after a short release has brought in $158.3 million since Friday.

Anyway it makes you wonder how bad things are going to get and when and how bad are things going to have to get before any help is in sight.

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