“.. will pay 40% more for diapers..”
lead_960Ted Cruz suggested that with a tariff on diapers from china, that might contain formaldehyde or other chemicals, will cost the American consumer the difference in price.  Ted, really?  If the American people are half as intelligent as you suggest they are, even THEY realize that this tariff will cause Wal-Mart to buy diapers from American companies that do not pay that tariff, and if Wal-Mart does NOT do that, Piggly-Wigley will make the sale of those diapers.  Ted, you know how Capitalism and free-trade works! Please do NOT paint your voters into a meek mis-understanding group of plebs.  YOU, my friend, have a big talk, but really you have a very small view of your constituents, and are ALMOST as out of touch with the American people as your democratic nemesis..

Maybe you can run for something else, but it seems you are out of the race, as a result of your demeaning of the American voter.