Well..  let’s get this clear; Facebook Phone is not what it is..  Facebook making a phone would be similar to CNN creating a news story, and then reporting it..  Wait..  never-mind.. Facebook doesn’t have a phone.  They do not even have an Operating System.  This is yet another FAIL (Foolish Attempt to Imitate  Likability).  Facebook Home is little more than an application. It is, however, a slick application, but since it is what is known as a launcher (the application that presents the other applications on your phone for use), it will appear to be more than that.  As if Facebook hasn’t already taken control of your life at work, and free time at home, now you can count on it taking over your phone.  I don’t know about you, but I do not trust Mark Z.’s people with my world, so it isn’t for me.  This thing is constantly synchronizing with your Facebook world, so it is not only a data drain, but certainly a battery hog as well.  The idea is interesting, but if it were applied to my News feeds, are Tech blogs, maybe I’d lift an eyebrow, but since it, too would be a drain on battery and data, it would likely go away quickly.

If you LOOOVVVEE Facebook, and you simply cannot get enough, then maybe you should grab a car charger for your phone, and make sure you have one everywhere you go, then download this thing.  It may be just what you need to get FB Overload, and finally cut the ties..  Oh, and by the way, Even though HTC and AT&T are pairing up with FB to actually sell a device, it is simply an android phone, with this software already installed.. so, don’t get roped into another 2 year contract for this app that you can download around April 12th..

Enjoy!  Just my .02