Ting: A New Way to Think About Mobile Service

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably frustrated with your mobile service provider. Weird fees, line items that seem to come out of nowhere (what exactly is a “recovery fee?”) overage charges on plans that are supposed to be unlimited, poor customer service and the like.

We think you’ll appreciate Ting mobile service from our partner Tucows. Yes, that Tucows.

Ting takes the Tucows passion for Internet services and brings it to the mobile space. Fair pricing, no-hold customer support, clear bills plus the online tools you need to take complete control of your account.

With Ting, you choose the service levels you think you’ll hit from the available buckets for minutes, messages and megabytes. You can have unlimited devices on one plan and the rates actually get better the more you use. Each device on a plan costs $6/mo. and uses your shared pool of minutes, messages and megabytes. If you use more than you thought you would, Ting will bump you up to the next service level without penalty; you just pay the difference. Here’s where Ting gets really unique though: if you use less than you thought you would, Ting will credit you on your next bill.

In the Ting online control panel you can take complete control of each device on your account. Turn off data on some phones while enabling it on others, set limits for how many text messages can be sent by a given phone in a given month, receive alerts when a device or your account reaches a certain level of usage for minutes, messages or megabytes.

In short, Ting is a pretty radical new way to do mobile.

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