As if it was not bad enough that Jason Taylor, who in my opinion is a Miami Dolphin  and one of the best we had is now a Washington Red Skin,  Zach Thomas another Dolphin one of the best we had went to Dallas, I live in Florida and have been a fan for years, Dan Marino and Don Shula  we have such great memories. However last year as we all know the Dolphins were horrible with new quarterbacks, and coaches, it was hard to be a fan.  I am hopefull that this year we might see improvement, but then all the trading took place and two of our favorite players are no longer there.

I wake up this morning and now its official that the Green Bay Packers reached a deal Wednesday night to send quarterback Brett Favre to the New York Jets. First of all it no secret that the Jets and Dolphins really don’t like each other just go to one of their games.  I liked Bret Favre and he is of course a great quaterback, but now a New York Jet, I thought he was retiring. As a dolphin fan one of the first rules are we don’t like the Jets.  I was pulling for Favre last year I wanted him to do well and break the records he broke last year.(even thou in our eyes Dan Marino is still the best 🙂  ) The Dolphins first game is with the Jets they are a tough team, and if the Dolphins play as good as they did last year then we already know the outcome don’t we. But we shall see Sunday 9/7/08 1:00 pm, Dolphins vs Jets the game is on.

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