When growing up as a kid there were storys going around about whether or not Big Foot existed, oh the documentaries I have watched all the Movies, Harry and the Hendersons (1987), which became a sitcom from 1991-1993.

Now I am seeing a story in CNN where a policeman and a former correction officer have proof and that they are evidence of what they claim is their biggest find ever: the body of Bigfoot. The carcass of the furry half-man, half-ape is 7 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs more than 500 pounds, they say. However, the two are not disclosing the exact location of their discovery to protect the remaining creatures.

DNA tests on the body have begun, said the statement, and “extensive scientific studies” will be done on the body by scientists, including a molecular biologist, an anthropologist and a paleontologist.

Read the entire story, I am waiting for the result of the DNA tests before I can acknowledge that Big Foot really exists.  Sad thou if it is true, that after all these years he has been taken from elusive to caught, and that the story will end here.

No more searching for the creature that has never been proven. What will the big foot searchers do for fun now, I wonder if they have considered the Loch Nest Monster!

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