Now here is a headline you just don’t see often:

Defendant trades murder plea for KFC, pizza.

After Reading the story of how a  New York man pleaded guilty to murder in Oregon in exchange for buckets of fried chicken will get calzones and pizza to go with his life sentence.  I got to thinking wouldn’t it be cool if we could get alot of other criminals to come forward take their punishment, with the lure that they would receive KFC, pizza, calzones and all the trimmings, it would take alot of food, but then we could cut back on the legal system just feed them and then let them serve their time.  There is a kicker at the end of this story thou Tremayne Durham, 33 the man we are discussing also got married Wednesday in a civil ceremony at the Portland courthouse. The wedding to Vanessa Davis, 48, also of New York City, was not part of the plea deal that will give Durham a chance for parole after 30 years.  I wonder if she will have KFC, pizza and calzone waiting for him when he gets out on parole??

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