Patiently I watched, as Joe “ALL MY TEETH” Biden and Paul “ANIME EYES” Ryan sparred as if they were to impress ABC News VP Debate Moderator Martha Raddatz.  She was not impressed.  Mr Biden went so far as to make a few complaints against her and fair time (Although Ryan did once).  Either way, this debate had it’s share of snide smiley faces, and pot-shots at an old timers lackluster bipartisanship.  At one moment, I expected to hear: “Jack Kennedy, I knew Jack Kennedy and you are no Jack Kennedy”, but we did hear “So your Jack Kennedy now?”.  Ryan was clearly more mature of the two, but neither of them were able to provide answers for some of the very specific questions laid out by Raddatz.  Overall, the voter could get a feel for what each ticket believes about themselves, but more so, what each candidate believes about the other.  Next Tuesday evening is the second Presidential debate, hopefully the adults will be there.