As much as this country needs a fact button that can filter through the lawyer talk and get to the nature of a politician’s response, I took a different approach to this second of three debate.  Since it felt more like siblings complaining to mom (Candy Crowley) about lies, turns and time for her ear, I figured I would gauge this debate on the likelihood of the talker telling the truth.  We heard plenty of “That’s just not true!” and “The facts are”, oh and “Really, is that what you said?”.  In the end, neither candidate was able to make that fact button magically appear, though they tried.  I felt more comfortable with Mitt Romney’s words the the President’s, primarily because the president used emotion AND “law-speak” to make his position (not a fan of either from politicians).  Looking forward to the final debate on Monday (Oct. 22, 2012) evening.  It can be seen live on YouTube.